Sunday, April 21, 2013

I am learning about Steam Punk. I had this ceramic pottery picture frame which I purchased from a garage sale. I decided to put a fabric backing and a rusty tin heart started the project. An old skeleton key, some various watch parts and rustic chain, some clock parts and Walla!   I covered the back with cardboard from a cereal box and trimmed the edge with some braiding to protect  the wall once it is hung.

This is one of many different Christmas tree ornaments I made for the 2012 season. I found a photo for these on pinterest and adapted them to be about 3" tall for the Christmas tree. I made these Mad Hatter Hats out of cereal boxes, then pasted scrapbooking paper to them distressed them with calligraphy ink, I made each hat pin with stick pins and beads and then added a ribbon bow and a few sprigs of silk pine and artificial berries for glam. Then I made the infamous tag from a card stock.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kitty Cat Dotee

I made this little Kitty Cat Dotee for a very special Lady who traded for a handmade tote bag which I love.
The kitty has a pink metal heart charm nose and a paw print necklace charm.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I made this blog a very long time ago and forgot all about it . SO I will start blogging on a regular basis.
Today is sort of a hey what does this button do kind of  day.
So please hang on for the ride. Who knows what could become of

Making dotees

Scarecrow Dotee Doll

This dotee was made for a Wizard of Oz dotee swap.
I made her with burlap for the body and hat and used a gingham ribbon for embellishing. The hanger charm is a resin sunflower . The rafia grass doubles as stuffing as well as hair. 2 buttons sewn on with jute finishes the jacket.